As most of us know very well, one of the most critically stressed resources is water. We also know from our water bills that it is also a very expensive resource. Statistics prove that between 30-70 percent of our water is used outdoors. Most homeowners in Florida have outdoor sprinkler systems. These are needed but can be a big source of waste. To help cut down on that waste, from time-to-time check to make sure there are no leaks, that the system is working properly (as scheduled, etc) and that all sprinkler heads are pointed in the right direction. On watering days I can not believe how many sprinkler heads are aimed out into the street. Also, consider taking your system off the automatic setting and manually trigering it when needed. If it is raining or if we have been in a rainy period our lawns do not need the extra watering and the extra water will simply run out onto the street and down the storm drain, wasted. One additional tip is to water early in the morning when there is less of a chance for evaporation.

We will be running Ocean Friendly garden tips on a monthly basis and if you have a good idea for one please let us know.