Amendment 1 will be on your November ballot. Don’t be misled; this is not a pro-solar
measure. Instead, it is a deceptive amendment backed by the monopoly utilities, which
seeks to stifle solar energy and keep Floridians captive power consumers.

Floridians should vote NO on Amendment 1 for three reasons:

1. Amendment 1 is funded by Florida’s big utilities to protect their monopoly markets
and limit customer-owned solar.
2. Amendment 1 paves the way for barriers that would penalize solar customers.
3. Amendment 1 misleads Florida voters by promising rights and protections that
Florida citizens already have.

Click here for a FACT SHEET explaining why solar supporters must VOTE NO ON 1.

The utilities are spending millions on this campaign but we are powered by millions of
people who can strike this deceptive ballot down by voting NO in November.
Help educate your family, friends and colleagues by getting involved with the NO ON 1
campaign. Share information on social media or volunteer to educate voters at polling
locations. Together, we can shed light on Amendment 1 and defeat it!!