First Coast Chapter

Protecting your oceans, beaches and waves! The First Coast Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation was founded in 2002 and spans the First Coast of Florida, from the Georgia border to the end of Anastasia Island. More Details
June 9, 2017

International Surfing Day

364 days of the year, Surfrider and our coastal defender network work tirelessly to protect our coasts. On one day, International Surfing Day, we take a moment to celebrate the impact we’ve made, the campaigns we’ve won and the beaches we’ve protected. This ISD, join us as we celebrate our ocean, waves, and beaches.

We will be hosting a beach cleanup from 8-11 am in Jacksonville Beach, around the pier. The exact location has not been determined due to the likelyhood of dredge-and-fill projects taking place. But don’t worry, we will keep you posted!!

Bring your board out and catch some waves with us 😀


October 27, 2016

Vote NO on Amendment 1!

Amendment 1 will be on your November ballot. Don’t be misled; this is not a pro-solar
measure. Instead, it is a deceptive amendment backed by the monopoly utilities, which
seeks to stifle solar energy and keep Floridians captive power consumers.

Floridians should vote NO on Amendment 1 for three reasons:

1. Amendment 1 is funded by Florida’s big utilities to protect their monopoly markets
and limit customer-owned solar.
2. Amendment 1 paves the way for barriers that would penalize solar customers.
3. Amendment 1 misleads Florida voters by promising rights and protections that
Florida citizens already have.

Click here for a FACT SHEET explaining why solar supporters must VOTE NO ON 1.

The utilities are spending millions on this campaign but we are powered by millions of
people who can strike this deceptive ballot down by voting NO in November.
Help educate your family, friends and colleagues by getting involved with the NO ON 1
campaign. Share information on social media or volunteer to educate voters at polling
locations. Together, we can shed light on Amendment 1 and defeat it!!

October 12, 2016

Black Tie & Baggies 2016!






















Click here for more information:



September 8, 2016

September 12th, Partnership Day with Native Sun Jacksonville Beach!


We are very excited to announce a partnership with Native Sun Jacksonville! On September 12th, Native Sun has pledged to donate 5% of store sales to our local chapter, when you shop at the Jacksonville Beach store!

Native Sun Natural Foods Market will also be joining us on at our International Coastal Cleanup Day event, so come on out to say thanks!

For more information, you can read their PR here: pr-native-sun-surfrider-coastal-clean-up-september-2016

September 6, 2016

Chapter Meeting: September 13th

Join us Tuesday, September 13th at Lynch’s Irish Pub in Jax Beach for a First Coast Surfrider Chapter meeting!! We will be discussing upcoming events such as International Coastal Cleanup Day and Black Tie & Baggies! Stay tuned for more exciting news in regards to our new partnership with Native Sun in Jax Beach!

What: Chapter Meeting
When: Tuesday, September 13th @6:30
Where: Lynch’s Irish Pub
Who: Everyone!

July 7, 2016

Chapter Meeting: July 12th

Join us Tuesday, July 12th at Lynch’s Irish Pub in Jax Beach for an important First Coast Surfrider Chapter meeting!! We will give chapter updates along with exciting Black Tie & Baggies news!

What: Chapter Meeting

When: Tuesday, July 12th, 6:30 pm

Where: Lynch’s Irish Pub

Who: Come one and all!!!

February 29, 2016

Chapter Meeting: March 8th

Join us Tuesday, March 8th at Seachaser in Jax Beach for an important First Coast Surfrider Chapter meeting!! We will give chapter updates along with upcoming events for 2016.

What: Chapter Meeting
When: Tuesday, March 8th, 7 pm
Where: Seachasers
Who: Come one and all!!!

December 22, 2015

Message from Outgoing Chair Paul Hayden

As my term as Chair of the First Coast Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation ends, I wanted to send a note of thanks to all of our members, supporters, partners and especially our great executive committee members who have helped to support me and the chapter during this past year. All of your support has made this a great experience for me and makes me proud to be a part of such a great organization that is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our oceans, waves and beaches.

More Details

December 17, 2015

Welcome to our new Executive Committee

Congratulations to our the 2016 First Coast Chapter Executive Committee!

Chair: Hayley DiGiano

Vice Chair: Kathy Hayden

Secretary: Open (Contact us if you’re interested in serving!)

Treasurer: Erin Handy

Volunteer Coordinator: Cameron Keys

At Large: Paul Hayden

OFG Coordinator: Daniel Penniman

Beach Clean Up Coordinator: Justin Bosso

December 7, 2015

Important Chapter Meeting!

Join us on Wednesday, December 16th at 7pm for an important First Coast Chapter meeting! In addition to our elections, we will give a chapter update and discuss potential events and programs for 2016.

What: Chapter Meeting & Elections!
When: Dec. 16th, 7pm
Where: Lynch’s Irish Pub 514 1st St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Who: Come one and all!

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